Hey my fellow deafies and of course, hearies :) I’ve pimped up my aids again after months and months of having boring plain NHS skin colour! So I’ve jazzed them up again :)

Hey my fellow deafies and of course, hearies :) I’ve pimped up my aids again after months and months of having boring plain NHS skin colour! So I’ve jazzed them up again :)

Been a while :)

Well, I realised it’s been awhile since I sat down and wrote a blog for you lovely people. Things have been eventful! I’m in my final semester at university now, so lots of work to and feeling stressful. On top of this I’ve had to deal with further ear problems. Last month (11th March) I had operation number 2 of my left due to problems that arose from operation number one, last year.  My ear drum didn’t heal properly, resulting in severe tinnitus. So operation number 2 was to repair the ear drum

                Unfortunately I’ve been dealt with another bad hand, the repair job didn’t…. well do what it was supposed to do! And this means tinnitus will come back at some point :/

                But there’s no point getting too frustrated, or upset. Honestly, it’s been a year of nothing but trouble and I’ve ran out of tears. It’s not going to bring back the hearing I’ve lost! So what I’m going to do is, enjoy being relatively free of tinnitus while I can and deal with the next pile of crap when it comes.

Oh… I’ve started level 3 BSL YEY!!! :)

Anonymous asked: Not to be jerk or anything but your picture turns me on so much so that I want to in-pregnant you. So, my question is do you see babies in your future and would you be open to some American freak like me being the daddy?

Well, I honestly don’t know what to say to this….

Firstly, Thank you for the offer to be my ‘future baby daddy’

Secondly, If I were to have children in my future. I would like to be in a relationship.

Thirdly, This is a very random message but I suppose I should be flattered that my picture ‘turns you on’…. I think!

Wearing a hearing aid with a perforated ear is such fun!!!

Tinnitus free!

Today has been my first day without tinnitus…. In six months!

Those who suffer from tinnitus or have experienced it temporarily will understand what a relief this is, not having to put up with it’s constant ringing/buzzing.

The main effect tinnitus has on me is exhaustion, I struggle to get to sleep and when I do it’s never for more than 3 hours maximum. Today I slept all night and most of the day, didn’t get out of bed till 3pm. Goes to show how exhausted I was.

I know that I wont be tinnitus free forever, but at least I now had this operation done so it wont be continuous buzzing all day everyday.


Well as suborn as I am, I have decided to defer my deadlines at university. All because tinnitus is kicking my ass, the constant droning/buzzing, and the continuous ear infections/aches. it‘s all such a ball ache!

I’m unable to concentrate to my work, to the point where my marks have dropped slightly. I am determined to graduate with a 2:1 and to achieve this I need to push back my deadlines.  This will allow me to have time to recover from my op number 2 next week to repair my ear drum, let’s hope I don’t get an infection afterwards.

Then I will be back and kicking ass with all my deadlines because I will be able to have a full night sleep, so this mean my concentration will be improved! I’ll be happier! More comfortable!

Goodbye exhaustion!

Looking back at it all this, since the first op back in the summer last year I have done bloody well to keep going. It could have been so easy just to give up, give into demands to get a cochlea implant!

But Nah!!!

I’m too suborn!

True Dat! Haha!!


dating me would involve:

  • bed all day
  • netflix
  • pizza
  • coffee
  • sexy time
  • kissing
  • tv shows

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What I imagine lip reading to look like from a Deaf’s perspective


it’s like


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Haha! Made me chuckle

Yep…. This is so true!


"I know sign language" *flips you off* -every idiot hearing person